He’s my ultimate pleasure..

Let me tell you something about him. My body reacts in certain ways when we’re together that I’ve never experienced before.
I’m not sure if someone else would consider it normal or abnormal, but what I do know is that to me, it finally feels right. And that has to be a good thing.

For me, what happens is not only about the physical act itself, but also about the trust and comfort level that exists between us.
Looking back now to when it all started, I find myself quite surprised by how quickly I reached that level with him. It has steadily grown ever since.

When I’m with him and our bodies take over, there is no embarrassment or feelings of self consciousness.
There is no judgement or fear. Everything seems natural and spontaneous. That doesn’t come from any other place than the heart I think.

My head is not concerned about any guilty thoughts or worries. All my body wants to do is to please him. I hope these words will make him proud, smile a lot and look forward to us being together again with the same excitement and lust that I always have burning for him.

He rocks my world like no one ever has. It’s only fair I return the favour by giving him everything I have.

What a pleasure. What a desire. What a man!



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