He who inspire me..

There are very few of us who are lucky enough to meet someone amazing. What is amazing? Some might think there’s no such thing. But remember this, the person might not be your cup of tea but to others they are incredibly inspiring. Keep in mind that most of us are similar but different in many ways. It’s truly inspiring to get to know the person who could just be themselves effortlessly  without pretending to be someone they’re not. And that is amazing! The ability to lift you up without putting you down is another quality which I strongly believe makes the person amazing. It simply means that they’re not selfish and can be very supportive which isn’t always the easy quality to possess. I am always amazed when someone able to enchant me even when they are not around. I call it “the goose bumps factor”.

When a person inspires you to reach your personal goals, physically, emotionally and to be your personal best, at the same time they inspire me to do the same to the rest of the world. They inspire me by being open, honest, available and willing to share their stories of their goals and their desire to improve and reach a personal achievement of some kind. And the effort that they put in every single thing they do, is what inspires me most.

Thanks to this amazing person for inspiring me, and to those who tell me they are feeling inspired, and who are willing to be inspirational to each other.

You inspire me.


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