He made me feel real..

That feelings of excitement and anticipation you get when someone you love coming back soon, is priceless. 

Definitely will be the most joyful reunion even if it’s only a short time apart, but the time you have spent missing each other will excites you even more and you will look forward to spend the time together.

I didn’t think that I would be this excited before but the truth is, I am surprised at just how excited I am. I am beyond excited actually. Perhaps I missed the familiarities we had, the comfort, the joy, laughter and fun. Most people find it hard to believe that I am real. Because of the limitations, perceptions and judgements, I sometimes find it hard to be real although I do try most of the time without hesitation. But, he made me feel real.

I miss him terribly. Can’t wait to see him and let the adventure begin!



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