Love and hate of Valentine’s 

Going through my walls, I can see there’s too many hate comments about Valentine’s Day. Here’s what I think. For those who are unhappy, maybe it’s time to sit and think about what you did wrong in your life. 😂 (I’m kidding!)My advice would be, it’s okay for others to celebrate. Let them be. Be happy that there’s love in the world still. Be happy you get to witness that. Can you imagine if sadness, tears and wars is all you’re surrounded with? 😔 I think we have enough of that in the world. 

How about start thinking about yourself on how to love you even more. Think about on how you can contribute love to others. 

We all know, love not to be celebrated for only one day. But, if you can just use that one day to pamper your loved ones, because you’re busy at work most of the time or you both may have a hectic lifestyle and I’ll say WHY NOT man! 😊

Make love, not war. Spread love, not hate. Love more, nothing less. ❤

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