There’s something I’ve been meaning to discuss for a long time. Secrets. Why do we keep them? Is it for our own good or others? 

For me, keeping secrets has its costs. Certainly, confessing with even a genuinely heart may not guarantee the person you’ve hurt to forgive you, but it will open up an even more important possibility – that you will be able to forgive yourself. 

I certainly do not believe in keeping secrets. The guilt of carrying such burdens will eventually kill me from the inside. The shame and the lies. How can you live with that? 

I do understand we tend to do it in order to protect ourselves or maybe protect others. But don’t you think living without lies and secrecy will open the whole new trust and honesty into your life and others too? To be able to discuss openly about anything without hesitation. What a great world and happier would it be? 

Can you imagine finding out a secret from someone else instead of your own families, friends or lovers? It hurts isn’t it? Though revealing the secret yourself will cause pain, having them learn it from someone else will undoubtedly cause even more. 

Maybe you can keep a secret by simply not thinking about it. But maybe you can’t. Which is why, I suppose, the best way to live your life is to try not to have any secrets to keep at all—that is, to not do anything you can’t tell the people who matter to you most.

Live free my friend. If you have one, maybe it’s time to let it out. It maybe hurt at first but better than keeping till it become lies. 



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