Why do we shout?

We shout in anger normally because one of us trying to prove a point. It could be right or wrong but who cares. In most cases, people shout when someone said something that they are not willing to hear or against it, so they lose their calm and raise their voices. It also could be a sign of weakness. But why shout when the person have done what you’ve asked for? Why can’t you speak in the same manner to anyone else?

Remember, when you shout your hearts get distant. Shouting will not solve your misery or stress. Anger is generated when one’s ego is hurt in one way or the other. Or generated from the frustration for not having it their way. Shouting has caused the distance between two people to become greater over time and in few cases that distance grew to the point where they were no longer able to find that path back to each other.

Self note – don’t shout. You are neither right or wrong. The person you normally shout at is most of the time the closest or right next to you. They can hear you. Be willing to hear them too. Don’t shout just to shut them down.

The next time you shout, slap yourself. Let it be a reminder that it is not worth it and you are not weak.



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