Practise makes perfect!


People questioned me before about my practise session. “When did you ever practise?” or “Why are you no longer practising?” I know why they ask. It simply because they do not understand.
I certainly will spend more time practising when it’s a new music I decided to perform to. However, if the songs i’m using are the one that I normally perform to repeatedly over the years, I will still practise it, only not as often and mainly, i  will do mental rehearsing I would call it.

I will put the music on repeat from my laptop at home while cleaning the house, cooking and browsing the internet. I will listen to it until i remember what’s coming and when. I will listen to it until I can sing or hum it by heart and find myself getting tired of it and about to puke my guts out. At the same time, I imagining myself dancing to it and think through the steps I’ve created in my mind. Before i get to the show, i will put it on the player in the car on repeat till i get to the venue. I will play it repeatedly while getting ready in the changing room too. That’s mainly how I practise. But you have to know, i did this only when i am fully confident with certain movement that I’ve created or practised.

Mental rehearsed every beat and note. You will execute it way better when you know the music and your own ability.

Happy practising!



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