It’s showtime!

How to get yourself prepared for show?

I will share with you guys some info on what I normally do to get myself prepared. It is important to make sure when the time comes, you are confident and ready to shine. It can be your first or even after so many times performing, preparing certainly cures stage fright and improves the ability to capture audience’s attention.

Generally,  your performance is something you’ll know about in advance. The client will normally prepare a proposal for their event. This is when you have to play your part. You, as a dancer should in a way take control of that proposal. You have to understand that organiser are not dancers. They probably know a lot more about event organising but certainly not performing. Most importantly is to find out the type of event, the venue, time and numbers of people turning up at the event roughly. Once you have got the info, you have to let them know clearly of what your performance will be like, which includes length of performance that you can offer, the costume you’ll be wearing, music and of course all other requirement needed such as payment wise, changing room, meals, stage, lighting, etc.

Why is it important to know the type of event?

This certainly helps you predict the kind of crowd attending the event and from there you can offer what is best to suit the event itself.


As for myself, I have been performing in so many different location and stage. It is much easier for me to visualize the area of my performance and the size of it. If you don’t know about the venue, do a research. It is so easy nowadays with the technology we have, you can just google search it, find the website or just using the apps to get the route. Even better, if you could go there to check the place and getting to know the surrounding. This will be very useful to find out about the traffic flows to the venue in order to avoid traffic and not be late.

How about the time?

Very important to find out about the time  for the event. It helps you to plan the transportation options to get to the venue and also your eating time (remember to eat at least 2 hours before the show and drink lots of water). Get there early so that you have time to get ready,  be prepared mentally and physically.

Once both parties (which is you and the client) comes to an agreement, it is now time for you to get yourself prepared.

The first thing you have to prepare is music. Choose one that you like and you know you could dance to. Listen to it over and over again until you can actually memorize every beat by heart. This is especially a great training for improvising. Once you’ve got the beat, you can proceed to choreograph the full routine.

Now we moved on to the costume. It is very important to check your costume, just in case if it needs to be fix. It has to be something that can fit you and flatter your dancing at the same time. And also make sure you practise the routine with full costume especially if its a brand new. For tribal fusion performer, wear everything from jewellery and hairpiece during practise.

Set the time for training. If you are dancing in a troupe, always discuss the schedule and don’t be afraid to share your timetable with others. Remember, the more you train the better you get. And don’t forget to smile. Lots of dancers I’ve known are very stingy with their smile. It is okay to smile. You don’t know how it may affect the audience and even yourself. Practise it in front of mirror. Look at yourself everytime you practise. It’s the only way to improve your own flaws. This is also why I like to record my practise session. Share it with your family, loved ones or friends. Get their feedback.

Make a list of the stuff you have to bring for the show. This includes keeping in touch with your client at least a few days before and also always bring extra copy of your music. Bring it in a different format if possible. Always let the soundman test it in full. Remember to write it down clearly the track that you wish to perform to, your stage name or group name. This is to avoid confusion and mixed up if they have lots of other performers on that same event. Once list is done, pack your items in advance.

On the day itself, enjoy and remember it’s all about having fun. Love what you doing and the result will be worth it. It is okay if someone does not smile or even look away while you’re performing. It’s their lost not to be able to appreciate the art and your hard work. For me, I only need 1 person throughout hundreds of people to pay attention, to smile or to clap. Because I know that 1 person have made my day. Take it as a challenge. A positive one. Remind yourself that not many have the courage to be up on stage and do what you do. So, be proud of it.

Happy performing and hold your head up high. It is your time to shine.




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