Fools discuss why they can’t..

There is this saying I came across back then, “Losers discuss why they can’t.” Think of that for a moment. I kind of disagree. I would rephrase that to “Fools discuss why they can’t”. You only lose because you give up. You may not choose to lose. However, it was probably someone else just did extra work and willing to go miles more. For example if you lost a war, it simply means you may need a better strategy or maybe smarter soldiers. If someone lost a race, that person may need to improve his skills and practise more perhaps. Just because you lost, that doesn’t mean you are a loser. I hate that term. Loser. Who are we to judge? Aren’t we all have lost something in our life? So are we all losers then?

But, fools. There are a few. Fools are those who give excuses to themselves, blames everyone else and believe they CAN’T. “Life is about getting to yes”, my loved one says. And that is what I always believe in too. So start discussing why we can instead of can’t.

Because we can.


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