Relationship. Is it hard?


I have often heard people say, “If you have to work hard at a relationship, then it’s not the right relationship for you.”

What do you think?

But some others have an easy relationship. And some relationship comes with baggage. But I do think it is also depending what you have learned and experienced in your household.

Your relationship can be valuable, if you are willing to learn to move forward and willing let your inner self to heal. But if you have the expectation that your relationship should be easy, then you might move on. What if it is hard? Keep in mind that everyone one of us will discover that the next one and the one after that, and so on, are also hard. Nothing is easy as it seems.

If you have an easy relationship that has passion, connection, joy, fun and play, then you are very fortunate. Some people have an easy relationship because they settle for far less than just connection, passion and aliveness. They avoid conflict and settle for peace and companionship. Which is fine if this is what both people want. But if you want a relationship that maintains deep emotional and physical connection, a relationship where you rarely feel lonely with each other, a relationship that is always evolving and growing toward deeper intimacy, then you likely have to be willing to work at it by healing your issues and work hard for it. Instead of seeing this as a problem, why not see it as a wonderful journey towards togetherness and the deep sharing of love?

Forgiveness is not something we do for the rest of the world. We actually do it for ourselves so that we can move on. It may not change the past but will surely give your own future a chance.

Work hard for it. Support each other.




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