My daily dose of rant

Today I’m going to talk about me. I mean write about me. Whichever comes first. Haha!

I have a problem which I believe it is serious. So here is my confession. I am addicted to lotions. There, I’ve said it.

Looking at my toiletries cabinet made me realize, I am a lotion hoarder. I don’t even know how long it took me to notice it myself. I have all sort of lotions from cheap drugstores to the recent fancy one from Park Royal (don’t judge me, we did pay for the hotel you know). I have lotions specifically for face, hand, body and feet. I even have lotions for all types of skin. Dry, super dry, damaged, soft and even glowing. I discovered my favourites are obviously Victoria Secret’s passion hydrating body lotions and Vaseline cocoa glow. I have so many of them, just in case I run out. Don’t even ask me why. It just is.

Thank you for the 30+ years of relationship. Because of you, I stay moisturize and my skin will never ever dries out on me. I love you lotions. My precious (say this repeatedly in Gollum’s voice please).


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