Shit happens..

I never.. ever imagined this would happen to me. I’ve heard about incidents happening to people before, but never thought I would experienced it myself. It almost makes you look at your life, hating yourself.. wishing it was over.  It made you powerless, angry, ashamed and depressed at that time. However, I’m trying to stay positive and be optimistic.

Very hard to describe in details as reliving it does bring tears and a flow of harsh emotions. Though, crying does help. It can be comforting at times. I am not looking for attention or a sympathetic eye. I just need a way out. Hopefully by writing this, it will somehow ease the pain. It is so hard to let the guilt go and simply forget.

Different question comes to mind. Will your loved ones look at you differently? Will you be judged every single time, wherever you go? Will you stay the same? Will you change? Will you be stronger? Or weaker? Was it your fault?

“Be strong. You’re still alive.” I whisper to myself.





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