Open your mind..

Life is full of challenges. It is perfectly normal to feel discouraged and lose motivation. Because at some point, we all lose hope. When that happens, always remember to keep your hope alive. Keep reminding yourself, there’s always a solution and solve the matters no matter how hard  or big the problem is. Never run away from it.

Don’t be hard on yourself. We all make mistakes. There is reason and meaning, not only for the different experiences in your life, but for your life as a whole. Trust yourself. Trust in every experience, because every single one of them will bring you closer to the path you choose.

Our minds are full of ideas corrupted by our own surroundings. We jump in conclusion and being judgemental very easily because our mind are instilled by sources that wants us to believe a finite set of ideas are the only correct ideas. We judged a person or even a country just by listening to a story or watching the news. It’s time to get rid your mind of judgement. If you are not what society wants you to be, they become angry. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives. What may have worked for them and their life is probably not the road you will strive for. Respect their choices and do not judge. If you judge people, you have no time to get to know or love them.

 Your ego is your conscious mind, that which controls your behaviour. It is powerful and it can control your life, if you allow it to. Get your ego in check. The ego cannot improve the quality of your life.

Opening your mind is the first step to unleashing the unlimited power within you. We have the power to develop ideas based on the world around us. The obsession with these ideas may be what makes some people evil, violent, angry, or sad. They teach us to discriminate, hate, stereotype, and judge unfairly.  But remember, you have the power to discard any part of the negativity in order to create the peaceful, happy, loving and positive you.

Let us open our mind today.


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