Not everyone fancy sexting. Why? Simply because most of them scared of getting caught. Stories we heard and long list of online infidelity has left many people wondering why would anyone do such thing? Some even find sexting is a form of cheating. After all, isn’t sending out sexy text or photos just asking to be caught? But not, if you send sexy text messages to the right person. If you are married or in a relationship, even if you are sexting with someone else, do share it with your spouse. Don’t hide it. Be honest to them and to yourself. They would probably celebrate it and demand to know all the details. It would probably make them horny, and you would have the best sex after. Or they will leave you. Heeee!

Sexting or sharing intimate photos or messages via cell phone and emails, isn’t always a bad idea really. Sexting can actually be a great way to sizzle up your sex life. Sexting can be as simple as writing to your partner what you want to do or what you want them to do. I believe it will create anticipation, which can boost your sex life.

I posted number of suggestive photos and write a few sex related stories in my blog and share it online. Based on the comments and tons of private messages ( Private because most of them are probably in relationship or just too shy, and they afraid any comments might appear on their timeline on Facebook. And everyone will find out their dirty little secret. Haha! ) that I’ve been receiving, I can tell some who are good at sexting and some who are just really bad by putting it all out there. Which I find not sexy at all. There are ways to be suggestive. Sexting supposed to be sexy but not corny. Sexting are like great foreplay. You don’t want to jump right into it. You can take your time but still leave a little to the imagination.

I think sexting is perfect for those who are shy by nature. A great approach for those who find it hard to express themselves verbally.

Be flirty, playful and sexy. Enjoy your sexting!



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