Excuses, excuses, excuses..

The most common question I keep hearing still from time to time “How do you keep yourself fit?”. My answer varies from “I run” to “I dance” normally. But the actual fact is, I don’t give myself an excuse.

I know far too many people, who keep telling themselves “I’m too busy”. Sounds familiar? Busy is an excuse. Even Michelle Obama have the time to do push-up. And you don’t even have 5 minutes to do jumping jacks or crunches? Bull shit I’ll say! Be real with yourself.

But I really want it, you say. But what are you fucking doing to actually get it? You often whining about something you wanted but that’s probably now bringing you down, just because you didn’t get it. Turn your thinking into ‘Why?’. Or is it because you didn’t put in 100% to get it?

Just because all the amazing things happening in your friends or families life, it’s not an excuse to say I’m not as good as them. Stop with the negative self-talk and tell yourself that you’re not as good as the person. Why would you base your life on someone else’s? Never doubt yourself because of what you’re seeing from other people. But more importantly, never make an excuse for yourself because you see someone else getting something. Instead use them as a motivation. You can do it!

Now drop and give me fucking twenty!!


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