I vote meat!

When your brother decides to lose weight (which is a great thing) before his wedding, do i as a person living in the same house have to show my support by eating goat food as well? Everyday i open the fridge to make a meal but found nothing to eat. Okay i lied. There’s green stuffs, carrots and all sort of supplements. But these items CANNOT be classified as food right? There’s no meat! Sad day.

Everytime i stock up some good stuffs, its gone the next day. Most of the time in the rubbish bin. All the time actually. This is what my broher have to say, “We have been eating unhealthily. It’s time to revaluate our diet”. It simply means, i need to lose weight and the rest must follow. Since then, i haven’t seen anything that taste like real food. Whoever steps in the house are forced to consume crunchy green stuffs and liquids (vegetable juice) that could turn your stomach green. Don’t get me wrong, i am happy to support his quest. But i am distraught from nibbling on all the cucumbers and cabbages. I even find myself question this newfound nirvana with plenty inedible foods and lifestyle that fits only rabbit or goats.

Natural food are supposed to make us happier, skin glows with happiness. But he is fucking miserable. Despite of panicking about his wedding coming soon of course. You should see his face as he nibbles those green stuffs and chew them 3000 times before he swallows. As i stare in horror, he normally response to my stare with, “You should chew your food thoroughly. It helps with digestion”. I bet it hurts his jaw. He weighs almost everything that he cooks and eat. And don’t even get me started with the brown rice. He boils it with only water. Not even with a pinch of salt or a drop of oil. Would you like to know how it taste like? It taste like printer ink. Don’t ask me how i know. Long story.

Now back to the food. Good food brights up the house and your tummy and your day. It brings colour to your face. The house is livelier when you eat like normal people. I have no plans of turning myself into an olympians you see. This so called ‘healthy food’ makes me hate eating that i’m willing to skip whole day meal if i’m at home and i hate him secretly. And the result is, i ended up eating out more and spending more than i should. To be honest, it causes me insomnia. I don’t sleep well now. I even dream of being chased by cows, which i think its the way of my body telling me to fight back.

I love you brother but I want my meat. Meat makes me sleep well at night.


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